What Does Providing Value Mean for Bloggers?

As a blogger or content creator, the concept of providing value may feel abstract or disconnected from creating, but it really shouldn’t. Providing value is just another way to say providing a benefit.


For your readers or viewers, not only should there be some benefit for engaging or subscribing to content, there should be some benefit imparted by every piece of content. If you’re still baffled as to what is meant by benefit and value, or want to learn more about how your writing can provide readers with value, then the following should help.


Value is THE Why


In short, for readers, value usually takes the form of either entertainment or information. A reader visits a blog to either learn something new, or to be entertained (or sometimes both). Sure, there may be other reasons, but those pretty much cover the bulk of it.


This is also the reason why readers will revisit your site: entertainment and information create that value. If you did a good job at either, then there is a good chance they’ll come back, follow or subscribe. To that end, notifying your readers when new content is available is an example of providing additional value for those signing up for a newsletter or mailing list.


Being for the Benefit of Your Audience


Regardless of your topic, you should always write with your audience in mind. Think about what a reader wants to get out of your content, then give it to them. If they’re there for a laugh or a dramatic story, you better deliver. If they want to know the details about some collectible action figures you’ve taken to meticulously cataloging, you better have those details and original photos to back it up.


A word of caution about pleasing your audience: While it is important to consider your what your audience wants, integrity and authenticity are critical, and lacking either can be terminal.


Yes, that’s really it. For bloggers, providing value simply means providing readers with content that informs, entertains, or accomplishes whatever it is the reader wants it to accomplish. If you’re interested in learning more about blogging, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to subscribe to my newsletter for additional, newsletter-exclusive tips.